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Nissan Sentra won't start first thing in the morning

I have a 2002 Nissan Sentra has great difficulty starting first thing in the morning if it has not been driven for a day or two. Once I finally get it started, it runs fine all day. My mechanic has finally traced the problem, after keeping the car over the weekend. He says 3 or the 4 injectors have very tiny leaks and so a few drops of gas are leaking into wherever. They put something in the injectors they thought might solve the problem, but I won’t know until I leave it for several days and then need to start it. Replacement will cost about $900. Anybody ever have this problem?

If the injectors are leaking the fuel pressure is being bled off as the car sits, and it won’t start until the fuel pump can pressurize the system, which takes a bit of time.

The leaking fuel goes into the cylinders, and if it doesn’t evaporate it will get into the oil, which is not good.

They’re probably trying a fuel injector cleaner, hoping it will make the injectors stop leaking. Cross your fingers and hope it works.