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Hyundai Santa Fe Radio Weak Signal

I live in a rural area and have weak signals on several radio stations…especially NPR and Car Talk. This is a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe, any suggestions? Reagin

When we get posts about car with poor radio reception the OP always mentions that the problem is noticed on NPR.

Is there anything in common about NPR stations? are they low powered with transmitters in poor locations?

Yes, sometimes they are. It all depends on where you live and where your NPR station is located.

Have you had this problem with other vehicles?

We do not have a problem in our other vehicles.

Then it may be the antenna, or the connection between the antenna and the radio. What type of antenna does this vehicle have?

have you looked at your manual? there is a choice on the radio buttons for local and distance. or it may be local and distant. not sure.

however. you need to make sure that the radio is set to distant (ce) so it can pick up far away radio stations.

if this is an aftermarket radio, they have the same choice. read the manual.