Car radio

When I purchase my 2004 Hyundai Accent the AM radio built into it could

not pick up distant stations. Do I need a better radio or better

antenna? The radio in the car that I traded in was able to pick up

distant stations. Thank you. abxxx

you’d need a better antenna most likely. And it’s a crap shoot. I’ve put about 4 on my MR2 (the SO keeps taking it through car washes with the power antenna raised), all the same brand, all get different levels of reception ranging from fair to fantastic.

Go get an HD stereo system, which will give you a clear signal to about a thousand frequencies, all free. They don’t even cost much.

Before replacing anything, check the antenna is properly connected and properly grounded.

Assuming the antenna’s connected, I’d do like kizwiki says, get an HD radio. AM sections on radios get little attention these days, they’re worse than the were 20 years ago.