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Hyundai elantra oupe 2013 parts. pls help!

i need some parts for a hyundai elantra coupe 2013
i really don’t know the name of the parts, so i would try as much as possible to describe them using pictures. the car was involved in an accident so i’m trying to rebuild the parts. i live in West Africa, Ghana and the parts cannot be found here.

attached are the pictures with description. i only need the names so that i can check stores online where i can find them. cheers

jpg 1 is the intake manifold assembly. Jpg 2 Cowl top cover. Jpg 3 looks like the intake manifold gasket, not sure. Jpg 4 is air intake box they call it cover, air cleaner.

JPG 3 is the head gasket.

Agree with insightful #3 appears to be a head gasket.

Try ordering a repair manual. Should have part breakdown pics with names and numbers.

If you’re doing the head you’ll probably need it anyway.

If regina comes back it might be a good idea to edit out the vin number.

hi guys

thanks so so much for your contribution, this has really been helpful and i appreciate so much.

@volvo v70 i am deleting the vin right away.