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Hyundai Elantra lights come on and won't shut off

The headlights have been giving us fits because we can’t shut them off when we turn off the car. We have to start the car, sometimes drive it around and shut off lights before shutting off the car. And this process has to often be repeated several times before it works. Yesterday the lights came on by themselves when my husband turned off the car in the garage and he couldn’t get them off so he disconnected the battery. Is there hope of fixing this ourselves or do we go to the mechanic for help?

What year?
Also, does it have Daylight Running Lights (DRL)?

It could be a sticky headlight relay, among various other things.

You could just replace it, as they are usually pretty cheap, but it would be better if you could check it and whatever drives it.
Are you handy with a multimeter?

And does your Elantra have an automatic headlight setting on the stalk? If so, move it to the manual position and see if that improves matters.

The Elantra is a 2001. I don’t think it has DRL and we are not handy with a multi meter. It doesn’t have an automatic headlight setting on the stalk. I does have automatic headlights with a switch to left of the column. Putting it on manual did not help.
When my husband reconnected the batterie the lights were off one day and on the next.
Thanks for taking time to make suggestions. Hubby says “Call mechanic”.