99 Hyundai Elantra reverse light wont turn OFF!

Could anyone help me with a small problem i have.
my reverse lights stopped working and i was told that it is my reverse light switch. so i order a replacement. I took out the old and put in the new one but now the lights won’t turn off HELP!!!

thanks hope you can help

I assume you have checked the fuses right ?

You must have gotten a bad switch. The circuit for the reverse lights is very simple. Fuse feeds the switch power and when the switch closes it sends power to the reverse lights turning them on. The faulty new switch is probably stuck in the closed position.


See I thought I got a bad switch so I ordered a new one again and the same thing happens. The reverse lights just wont turn off. What do you mean buy the switch is probably stuck in the closed position? how would I unstuck that sucker.

Use an ohm meter (or one of those continuity gadgets) and see if the new switch is closed all the time, independent of the switching mechanism. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to trace it out from the power source to the lights. Something will turn out to be amiss. It might be the mechanism that aligns the switch to the shifter is out of whack.

Look at the old switch and consider what occurs to make it operate and work from there.

Does this Hyundai Elantra have an automatic or a manual transmission? Each would have a different type of switch; a different means of operating that switch; and a different procedure for adjusting it.

If it is on a manual transmission, make sure that the old gasket is not still in place i.e. an old and new gasket are not stacked on top of eachother.

Hope to help.