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Hyundai Cruise control problem?

2007 Hyundai Tiburon, 4 cyl, auto. Often when the cruise control is engaged, and going up a hill with the need to accelerate, the car downshifts into what used to be called “passing gear”, but does not upshift back into higher gear, not even after reaching full speed again. It stays in “passing gear” until cruise is shut off by applying brakes.
Dealer refuses to help me, they say they cannot recreate the problem…duh…dealer is in an urban area, cruise is used on hiways. It’s like they think I am a liar about this or something.
Does anyone have any ideas as to the cause of this problem that I might relay to the dealer, my 5 year warranty is fixing to expire, and if they can put me off until then, I will have to pay for the repair!

Call Hyundai corporate and explain that the dealership is refusing to address your problem which should be fixed under warranty. You have made Hyundai aware of the problem before the warranty is due to expire. They don’t get out of fixing the problem by stalling you until the warranty expires.

Unfortunately, they now tell me that the 5 year warranty expired on August 3…so, even though they claim to have no idea as to the cause of this problem, they are saying it is not covered in the warranty!!!

No idea what the problem is, but know it is not warrantied…go figure.

Does anyone have an idea as to what may be causing this?

If you contacted the dealer before the warranty was expired and they blew you off you are covered. Even if this did not happen contact the zone representative for the co. This is the worst of the dealer side of issues. Only corporate or the federal highway safety folks can have the leverage you need. So grab the handle and lean on it till you get an answer. Everything will go back to the date you originally contacted the dealer so write down now everything you said and they said. Then mail it. anywhere. Plus mail yourself a copy and a lawyer friend. But do it now so not wait. A complaint should have a traceable receipt copy so you pay extra, in legal negotiation it is priceless

That’s all well and good, but it brings me no closer to getting it fixed. If they can’t re-create the problem, I am stuck.
Has anyone ever seen this problem before or have any ideas as to what is causing it? Please help!

cross your t’s and your dot your i’s call the dealer zone rep. the dealers service adviser was wrong for how he treated you. you may have a large problem more then just the speed contrel.

I don’t really think that the CC controls the transmision shifting…it controls the throttle. I may be wrong here but I think the CC is just not accelerating enough to shift to OD. If you are still going uphill when this happens it’s normal operation.

It just started doing this last weekend. I only drive this car on hiway trips.

It seems to me that the CC just tells the throttle to speed up, the tranny shifts into “passing gear” on it’s own, so shouldn’t it kick out of it on it’s own? Could it be something to do with that shiftronic and accelerating by the CC?

I am not at all sure what the heck the shiftronic transaxle is all about anyway…