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Hyundai Azera Air conditioner

Why does the air that comes out when the air conditioner of a new Azera 2008 is turned on stinks?

Dead mouse ? leak in heater core ? Most likely mold growing in evaporator tray due to clogged drain tube. If water is dripping under the car when you run air cond. your drain tube is ok. Then likely cause is running the air cond, on recirculate or max air setting all the time. This puts too much moisture in the system and mold grows. Spray a couple of cans of Ozium or similar product in the cowl air intake and wit it set to recirculate, into the bottom heater outlets near the carpet. Most warranties won’t cover this.

One trick is to dry out the evaporator (inside the car) before you park overnight. If you have an A/C compressor button, cycle it ‘off’ ten minutes before you get home but leave the blower running. That deprives any mold spores of the water they need to grow.