Hyundai Accent 2001/Eng Light


I have a Hyundia 2001 with a Automatic transmission. The check engine light has been coming on about every two weeks.

I notice a change in the transmission

when the light appears. From a start

the car is a bit sluggish, which is not the engines fault also when I am on the highway the car will not shift to a high gear so the engine revs a bit high

and I keep the speed down to about 55 other wise the revs will be too high.

This usually lasts about a day then the next morning I start the car, see the engine light, the car runs normal and after a bit of driving the light goes out, and its back to normal…

In the course of driving the problem never appears and disappears, it seems to be there when I start the car

and last until I shut the car off.

I called Hyundai he says the transmission is run totally by computer, Is this a problem

that would be best taken care of by

a Hyundai dealer? Which I am sure will be pretty expensive.

I am just wondering what is the best route to go here and trying to

keep the cost down.