Hyper-extended clutch

Anybody ever hear of a hyper-extended clutch? My mechanic friend diagnosed my clutch problem that way. It is with my 1989 Honda Accord, carb’d, 540,000 miles, original clutch. The problem is this: to start the 5 speed manual you must depress (push-in) the clutch pedal to the floor (has been this way since I bought it new in '89). When the engine is cold, say from overnight, the pedal stays to the floor and won’t come back up at all. I traced this through the cable (not hydraulic) to the release arm which actuates the release shaft and bearing, operating the clutch. I can “fix” this by bumping the release arm a little, and everything is fine. Never happens when warm or after being driven, and I’ve done all of the tests and I have plenty of clutch remaining, believe it or not! I have attempted to lubricate the arm and cable but the problem obviously is inside, seems like the release shaft/bearing is sticking when cold. Completely normal clutch operation otherwise, same since new. Any thoughts? Rocketman

Jump the switch on the pedal so you don’t have to hyper-extend the clutch…or adjust the switch location to achieve the same result…Does the clutch arm have a return spring? Replace it…

Goods idea on the switch Caddy man. Gotta look through the Haynes to see where it is. No . . there is no return spring on the clutch arm but I’m thinking about rigging one. Thanks! Rocketman

Depending on the clutch’s engagement point, you could adjust the cable so there is a little more slop in the linkage. This may cure it too…

You could get a strong rubber band and put it around your shoe and the clutch pedal. However, this would make it difficult not to ride the clutch.

Turn the ignition key to the “start” position then slowly depress the clutch until the starter kicks over the motor. I don’t think your foot will take the clutch petal all the way to the floor before the starter is activated. Then just push the clutch the amount needed to do the job and you won’t have a sticky petal anymore.

All good ideas. Triedaq: it won’t come up or engage at all (when cold). I can pull the pedal up with my sneaker, but it’s all freeplay, no engagement. Uncle Turbo: I’ll try your suggestion tomorrow morning. I just parked the car and the clutch worked fine all day long. BTW . . . neither Haynes nor an on-line source I use has any mention of a switch which allows for starting, but it has some set-up because it won’t start in neutral without depressing the clutch, but maybe your suggestion will work. I have access to a factory service manual on-line but it’s a huge download. I’ll look at that tonight. Thanks again folks! Rocketman

Why not get used to working the clutch before starting. Push it down only about an inch and let up, then about 2 inches the second time and let up. Keep working the pedal, going lower each time. This should loosen up the lubricant a little so it wont stick on you.

Rocketman- the clutch petal on my '03 Civic activates the starter at about 1/2 way depressed. Worth a try.

Plenty of good suggestions here, all of them worth a try. I might mention that when I bought my '95 new, it took me only about a week to decide to jump the clutch switch so the starter would engage merely by turning the key. In 16 years I never had a problem; the bent paper clip is still in place.

I would second the bent paper clip suggestion and also suggest making another effort to lubricate the cable and fork.