Hybrid2Go Experiences

I’m looking for feedback on Hybrid2Go as our 2010 Prius needs a new battery pack. We’re in Scottsdale AZ in case anyone has other suggestions for other shops, and the fault code it’s showing is P0a7f, for what it’s worth (maybe our normal mechanic that doesn’t work on hybrid systems is missing something).


Greentec is another firm, one in Phoenix. Ask on a Prius site for their ideas.

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Since this is an expensive repair you might consider visiting a Toyota dealer for their take on the issue. In addition to replacement of the complete hybrid battery, you should ask about replacing faulty individual battery cells. A good hybrid battery shop should offer both replacement and refurbishment services.


Those shops typically offer rebuilt and all-new packs.


Exactly. Find a place that will analyze the pack to determine which of the battery cells is bad and then only replace them. Usually at 1/3 the cost of a complete replacement.


I’ve been asking at Prius sites for a shop recommendation without much luck, so what’s the general consensus these days on how to find a good shop (Scottsdale/Phoenix AZ)? Our regular mechanic didn’t have a suggestion for a hybrid shop. I’m a little hesitant to trust Yelp since it’s so easy to game the system but is a lack of bad reviews enough?

Also, any feedback on GreenTec or Greanbean?

Thanks so much for the help!

I’ve looked into both GreenTec and Greenbean as possible sources for the hybrid battery for mom’s 2010 Prius but it’s yet to have any problems. Have you tried ToyoMotors in Phoeniz? came up in a search and could be worth talking to.

Go to Yelp and Google, read the reviews on each battery vendor.

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