2010 Toyota Prius - Need Replacement Hybrid Battery

My 2010 Prius needs a new hybrid battery. Where can I get the best deal? New or rebuilt recommended? (The cost I’ve been able to find for a new one at the dealer is twice that of a rebuilt. But the dealer offers a 10 year warranty, while the best I can find for a rebuilt is 5 years.)

2010 car with oh, 90K to 150K miles? You don’t say. Buy the rebuilt pack with a 5 year warranty. likely the pack will last longer. Unlikely you will still own the car in 5 years (statistically speaking)

It’s got about 180k. Just replaced the brakes for the first time, and the 12v battery back in the winter. I plan to drive it until the wheels fall off as long as it is not costing much to keep on the road…

And, I was wrong - the battery offered by Green Bean has a four year warranty but has all new battery cells. I could replace them myself but all I can find are refurbished for about the same price as the Green Bean.