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Hybrid system not responding

I have a 2013 BMW Active Hybrid. My mechanic has remanufactured the transmission, but the hybrid system is not responding when initiated. He knows transmissions, but not hybrid systems. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you

You have just discovered the down side of complicated European luxury vehicles. Most of the time a dealer is going to be needed at a very high cost.

Edit; I thought your screen name looked familiar . You have 3 threads about this vehicle and some of your problems are legal ones . Texas is correct , you should look at a BMW forum or just find a way to get out of this vehicle that is going to cost you small fortune.

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Yes, time to go to a BMW dealer, hope you find one with a mechanic that knows the relatively rare hybrid system.

As a final step prior to a dealer visit, have you found any BMW forums that discuss their hybrids? There might be some info there.

I agree that the only recourse is likely to go to a BMW dealership’s service department.
Hybrids are a specialty that many indy mechanics are not comfortable with, and the workings of BMW’s rare hybrid are a proprietary bit of technology that may well be beyond even an indy mechanic who is used to working on a fairly common hybrid, such as a Prius.