Hybrid battery jumps

Can a hybrid be jumped from a non-hybrid & visa versa?

Sort of. The hybrid has two batteries, the high-voltage battery that runs the traction motor and the regular old 12v battery that runs the “normal” car components, which is in turn charged by an invertor. Barring a malfunction that would disable the vehicle altogether, the high-voltage batteries can’t be drained all the way, and since the car uses the high-voltage system to start the gas engine you should never need a jump start in the traditional sense. However, if the 12v battery gets drained completely due to excessive power draw (leaving the lights on, etc) or a faulty invertor, it won’t have enough power to run the computer and the car won’t function. In this case, a pair of booster cables would get you going, although the amount of current you would need would be tiny compared to what you need to turn over a gas engine.

I believe you can jumpstart a regular car with the hybrid, but I would consult the owner’s manual first.

Best bet is to check the owner’s manual for the hybrid. Usually the answer is yes.

The Prius can definitely be jumped. Toyota recommends NOT jumping another vehicle from the Prius.