Hwy driving spitting sputtering got it towed home ran fine the next day but I've got random mis fire codes and rough start

I was 35 mins into a 60 min highway drive home. driving very easy when I accelerated after some train tracks the t6 started to lose power and I’m sure I could hear the turbo dumping every few seconds. it was running super rough. so I pulled over and got it towed. nothing I could fine was different. once it got home I got it into the driveway and check over what I could but found nothing. after that, it ran just fine. until later the week I went to start it and just blaahhhh rough loud and wouldn’t stay running. I used my odb2 at that time cause there wasn’t a check engine light. it came back random misfire and then also misfire on every cylinder. left it for a couple of days and back to normal. but it happened again and went away. same codes I got while it was running rough… but it goes away and isn’t noticed by the code reader…

150000 kms t6 3.0l New GFB diverter valve, new plugs, new intake piping, resonator delete with aftermarket single chamber muffler. I’ve also changed my battery I used the obd 2 reader it has a function where it checks the resting voltage when the car is off and it was in the 11’s new battery 12.6 volts

I’ve noticed it get upset when I shift through the gears manually. after a while of driving in manual. it would just stall out as I came to a stop sign easy to start back up but…

Now I’m worried to go anywhere I’m going to change the fuel filter see if that could help.

any ideas??

Did you fill the tank shortly before this started happening?

Was it a PO300 code? You might consider the crankshaft position sensor or a poor connection at the CPS wire connector.


Honestly I can’t remember if I had fill up that trip home but it’s Very possible I always use. Petro Canada 94 octane
Fuel quality??
Or no?
Only other stations that carry 94 is husky and there harder to find.

The Canadian brands of gasoline that comply with Top Tier detergency standards
are listed below.

Running a modern fuel-injected vehicle on gas that doesn’t meet the Top Tier standards is not a good idea, IMHO. Using low-detergency gasoline once in a while isn’t problematic, but if you consistently use low-detergency gasoline, you are much more likely to wind up with deposits on the intake valves, and possibly on the pistons. This is likely not related to your current problem, but you asked about fuel quality, so I thought that you should be aware of this factor.

Licensed Retail Brands Countries
Breakaway Canada
Chevron Canada
Co-op Canada
Costco Wholesale Canada
Esso Canada
Irving Oil Canada
Kirkland Signature Gasoline Canada
Mobil Canada
Shell Canada
Tempo Canada
Texaco Canada
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Worrying about Octane is not going to solve your problem . You need to actually have a good shop or even the dealer do a diagnostic and find the real problem . Also profanity is not allowed on this site .


I wasn’t thinking about octane, I was thinking about maybe water in the fuel. It’s unlikely, but it does happen. I’d put in a can of some sort of dry gas product from your car parts store. Worth a try.

Does Volvo actually specify that your engine requires 94 octane?
Somehow, I doubt if they do.
Using octane that is higher than the engine requires does NOTHING for the engine, or for your wallet.
If somebody told you otherwise, I suggest that you ignore that person’s advice in the future.

And, please note that I was able to express those thoughts without resorting to the types of obscenities that will get a post “flagged”!


As said above, sound like you’ve got a bad connection or device that is affected by vibration or a rough road. Might be hard to determine if it can’t be eye balled or is intermittent.

I think after the second time you are beyond help. I offered a suggestion about a crank sensor and you seem to be more interested in octane and profanity.

If you want octane fill up at the airport with some 100/130 octane. That should cure any ills…

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Frankly my feelings or opinions on swearing don’t matter, and neither do yours. When you signed up to post on the forum, you agreed to abide by the rules of the forum, one of which is that this is a family forum and the profanity is prohibited. If you don’t like it, take it up with @cdaquila. Frankly, I doubt you’ll get anywhere trying to convince our esteemed moderator that you should be allowed to swear, but you never know :wink:


No it doesn’t . It only shows that you don’t care about anyone’s feeling but your own .
And using the high lighted text speak for profanity is still not acceptable .


I can peel paint off the walls with profanity when I smack a finger with a hammer or the anger/frustration level gets too high.

However, I do not use profanity in public (unless someone crosses me) or on a forum although I do admit to using a hxxx or dxxn now and then. That’s about as crude as I get on this forum.

Seriously though, you need to consider that crank sensor as that could cause the codes you are getting and they can also be hit and miss in operation. One thing it ain’t is octane.
My Lincoln requires 91 octane but it does not skip a beat running on 85 while I’m in the mountains of Colorado. As a matter of fact fuel mileage actually goes up about 1.5 to 2 MPG but I attribute that to aerodynamics and thin air.

Well my opinion matters-to me. I’ll just say that I am so sick and tired of hearing this language all over the place. From Congress members, musicians, kids, you name it. It’s a downward spiral when we allow civility to decline. And yeah I’ve been in the Army, worked in manufacturing, etc. so I’ve heard everything but just trying to promote civility from my little corner of the world by the lake.

And that’s great, my opinion matters to me too. Our collective opinions don’t matter here, the rules do (whether we like it or not…that’s not a rabbit hole I’m going down).

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And, we should all note the the OP never responded to my question regarding the octane requirement that is specified by the vehicle mfr. If he was driving a Lamborghini or a Ferrari or a McLaren, it is possible that 94 octane might be specified, but there is no way that Volvo specifies 94 octane for his S60. I guess he is just one of those people who think that high octane is some sort of magic elixir.

Maybe he can start working for the My Pillow guy, who also pitches a “magic elixir”. :wink:


Now you’ve done it…

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I also have a Sleep Number bed–which is nothing short of incredible–but after seeing the abysmal rating of the My Pillow products in Consumer Reports last year, I opted to avoid that brand when purchasing pillows for my new bed.

A few years back my wife ordered a couple of those My Pillows. Total garbage and overpriced based on hype. After a couple of months they got bagged and placed out for pickup by the sanitation truck.
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