Hwy driving spitting sputtering got it towed home ran fine the next day but I've got random mis fire codes and rough start

With all due respect, maybe you need to check the batteries in your detector . . .

Because his business success is not the reason that many people don’t like the my pillow guy



And … down the rabbit hole we go. Come on guys, it’s a car forum, not a language class, an etiquette book or a political discussion group. I’m so filled up with all that stuff I come to a forum like this where I can be the gearhead I like to be. As far as I’m concerned you are just polluting the water in my pool by bringing up this stuff.

Well after putting new batteries in my detector, here’s what I think . . . Oh, sorry, I must have dozed off. Where was I? :innocent:

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There are those who are here to proof read and correct people, they are incapable of repairing their own vehicles and have nothing to offer except “your car is broke, have it repaired”. This could be curtailed by the moderator.