Hundyi and kia don't care about fat people

Well this weekend I went to my local Kia dealership to get a seatbelt extender. On past vechiles the local dealership would give me one for free. Well I found out that Kia doesn’t make seat belt extenders and that Hundyi doesn’t either. So us fat folk have to go seatbeltless and hope we don’t get a ticket. I was told by Ford that by law they had to provide it, but I guess the law has changed…

Now you know why Sumo wrestlers have drivers. They don’t care about them in Asia, either.

Without trying to be disrespectful, I do have to ask:
Is losing weight somehow not an option for you?

In the interest of improved health, I managed to lose 8% of my body weight over the past 6 months, my brother lost about 10% of his body weight, and a friend of mine lost over 12% of his body weight.

Collectively, we all decided to go on weight-loss diets over the past few months. My brother and I used a modified low-carb diet, and my friend used a “calorie-counting” diet. If we can do it, so can you!

Trust me–your health will improve in many ways if you can manage to lose weight.

God works in strange and wonderous ways.
Perhaps you should consider this a wake-up call to lose weight.

I guess Amazon loves fat people. . .


I heard about the popularity of shirts in Italy with an upwards slash on the shirt. It was so a person looked like they had their seat belt on in protest to new seat belt laws. Guess you will have to spend the bucks for an extender.

This might be a question you should ask your attorney general’s office consumer affairs division. Explain your situation and if they tell you it’s federally mandated that you be provided with one, have them mail you a signed letter through certified mail and take it back to the dealership to have them find you one

This link might help.

It appears that all the domestic auto makers provide extenders on request. Some of the foreign manufacturers provide extenders, but not Kia or Hyundai. A search on “kia sedona seatbelt extender” had plenty of hits though. Unless your state mandates it, you’re probably going to have to buy them.

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Buy an extender. If you cannot afford the belt extender then maybe you should not be driving?

Very good…I wonder if he paying attention

Here’s a secret: They don’t care about skinny people either. They just want you to buy their cars. Once you have the keys in your hands, their job is pretty much done.

Legality Or Safety ? Would Extenders Help In A Collision Or Are You Just Looking To Be Legal ?

Usually with increased girth comes increased mass. When They crash test cars, do they install obese dummies and seat belt extenders ? I’d be more concerned with the belts snapping or tearing the anchors right out in a collision or maybe exploding an airbag or two.

Have you checked other car manufacturers’ belts to see if the buckles are the same as Kia’s ? Maybe there’s some kind of Asian car standard of sorts.


Indy, there should be a universal seat belt extender compatible with your make/model vehicle and in compliance with federal regulations. The costs are not expensive.

Proper installation is important. Your dealer is one resource. Another is NMEDA (National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association) which has a directory of installers for adaptive vehicles and assistive devices. Their installer(s) may also be able to find a seat belt extender for you. NMEDA is recommended in Car Talk’s Special Needs section

what is wrong with being fat?

Never seen one like that, all my previous ones were not like that, they clicked into the end of the female part of the seat belt and extended it.

Wow, Cyberbabe. You Go Girl ! Welcome To Car Talk Repair And Maintenance. Good To Have You Going Beyond Observation.


Does the Ford one fit the Hyundai and kia ?
Walk in to any Ford dealer and ask for one, mine included.
Part # 1L3Z-54611C22-AA

Nothing. I’m not exactly in need of a sammich myself.

But there is something wrong with being fat and then expecting the world to cater to your girth. Hyundai and Kia did not make you fat. They designed their vehicles to accommodate a standard size-range of people. People who are shorter than they designed the car for don’t go around trying to give the company a black eye for not giving them a free booster chair, and by the same token, people who are overweight should not expect free seat belt extenders. If a car company caters to fat people, that’s great, but it should not be expected.

My point–perhaps too subtle in nature–is that there are many identifiable health risks associated with obesity. Rather than accepting that being overweight is a permanent condition, wouldn’t it be better for your health and your wallet to try to lose some of that excess weight?

In addition to not needing seatbelt extenders, and not needing to pay for two airplane seats, you will live longer and in far better health if you lose some weight. That was what I was attempting to communicate.

Please feel free to ignore my well-intentioned advice if you feel that your overweight condition is permanent and/or not in need of modification.

But the federal gov’t requires that I wear a seatbelt, and thus shouldn’t the car maker be made to provide the equipment to meet the law?

It won’t work, I already tried the part that locks into the other part is smaller on the kia belt over the ford belt.