Hundai elentra 97 starting problem

I have 97 Elentra , which refuses to start, ( 120 K miles)

Even after 10 minutes of cranking, it does not start, previously, this happened occassionally.

Has any one faced this problem , if yes how it was fixeed.

Step #1 Determine if it is spark, or fuel. Buy one spark plug for your car. Next time it happens pull the plug wire from one of the plugs and put that new plug on the wire. Now hold that new plug’s threads tightly against the engine block and have someone try to start it. If you don’t see a spark, you know it is the ignition system. If it knocks you on your butt, you know you forgot to use a very well insulated tool to hold that spark plug, and you likely have a fuel problem (maybe pump relay?) and if you see a nice blue spark, it is also likely a fuel problem.

Of course a good way to start is to make sure the basic maintenance has been done, like spark plugs, plug wires, fuel filter…