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Human urine smell

Last summer a homeless man (this is a guess) pissed on the front grill of my car (while it was parked). It was 100 plus so the air was turned on as we left the parking space. We quickly turned off the air because of the odor and went to wash the car. To this day we smell urine, when the air conditioning is turned on. how can i remove the smell?

Give The Poor Man Something Decent To Eat And Drink. A Wine And Dumpster Diving Diet Causes This.


yea…not helpful

I Was Listening To The “Dennis Miller” Radio Show The Other Day.

He was describing a cab ride in which the cab driver smelled so foul, I wish I could repeat his detailed description, maybe you heard it, but anyhow, Dennis offered the driver an extra $5 to hit a skunk. Would that work?


Reminds Me Of A Joke.

A little kid tells the Kindergarten Teacher that another child pissed in his ear. Pointing the child out to the teacher, the child said, “That’s her.” “She said pssst, pssst, pssst, right in my ear.”


The smell is completely unrelated to your wild extrapolated dumb guess.

The air intake for any AC system is located near your firewall usually below the windshield. There may be a dead animal or mildew growing in or around the condensor for your AC system. The front of the car no air enters the cabin.

Good luck.

You State, “Last summer a homeless man (this is a guess) pissed on the front grill of my car (while it was parked).”

This is a guess? Are you kidding? Have you no respect for homeless people? My guess is that you have the wrong fluid, it wasn’t a homeless person, and it didn’t go into the front grille of your car.

My guess is more like a cat or some critter piddled into the air intake grille just ahead of the windshield or maybe you’re growing something nasty in your HVAC duct/filter system.

Why blame this on homelessness? One more thing, why wait a year to ask for help?


Most cars get air under floor up by glovebox when set on recerculate, I take a scented drier sheet and put up in there and change every 2-3 weeks.
This will not work on fresh air setting.
There is also sprays to clean vent from outside by windshield.