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AC Smells Like Pee

The air blowing through my AC vents smells like pee when I first turn on the AC. I can smell the pee smell for about a minute and then it seems to go away even with the AC still running. I do not have this problem when I turn on the heat.

Clean out the a/c drip tube. Replace the cabin filter if equipped and spray an entire can of Lysol into the a/c intake the the blower on high.

Good advice. Another thing you may want to check is your windshield wiper fluid. Some windshield wiper fluids have ammonia in them. Urine is mostly ammonia.

Great Suggestions. I will try them.

The other possibility is presence of dead leaves in the area under the vents at the base of the outside of the windshield (under the wipers). If there is a bunch of rotting leaves, they can smell. So can mouse or squirrel urine.

GM makes a really effective and great smelling (but expensive) anti-bacterial agent. You introduce it into the AC system through the vents at the base of the windshield. Available at your GM parts counter.