Oil treatments for tapping lifters?

Hey! I’ve got an '09 Crown Vic with a tapping noise I suspect to be the lifters. When I bought the vehicle I also bought a Haynes repair manual for the vehicle to be able to work on the car myself. While I think I’ll end up having to replace the lifters, the manual says that an “oil treatment” can sometimes fix stuck lifters. I don’t have any experience with oil treatments and the manual doesn’t specify or suggest any. Are there any that you all would recommend or suggest? Again, I figure I’ll have to replace the lifters but if I can do an oil treatment and buy myself some time I’ll try it. Thanks!

Seafoam works great freeing up sticky lifters.



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OK , none of my business but what happened to the 2016 Subaru and why would you buy a worn out police vehicle ?

As for oil treatment just go to wally world and pick one and see what happens.

Thanks! I’ll give it a shot.

I had a “stuck” lifter on a T-Bird, I don’t remember the brand I used.
I think either SeaFoam or Marvel Mystery Oil might might help.


Needed a second vehicle for my fiance, and this was a cheap vehicle in good condition, aside from the tapping

Thanks! I’ll try 'em!

Marvel Mystery Oil works for me. Twice a year one can in the crankccase and one an in the fuel tank.