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How’s it going y’all??? I’m pretty pissed off about my Jeep and what’s going on with it an i don’t have the slightest clue what to do or the slightest clue on how to fix it…
The other night where i live, we had a really bad thunder and lightning storm in Wautoma, WI…
An before that storm had hit my area, my security light was never on an ever since that storm came through, my security light has been on ever since, but I know how to fix that but I don’t have a Grand Cherokee Limited door on it there’s a Grand Cherokee Laredo door on it…
An the heater in my Jeep has always worked before, then the storm came through an now my heater doesn’t work at all what so ever…
An the screen that’s​ on the front dash under the radio an heat controls that tells you if your door is open, or tires is low, or if somethings wrong with it, don’t work either an don’t know what to do or how to fix it… Any idea???
An the screen thing that’s on the ceiling on my Jeep that tells you how warm/cold it is outside, how many mpg you get, how many miles you have left to go until empty, doesn’t work anymore either, the temperature says 0c as in zero degrees Celsius, an everything else in it is way off too…
Does anyone know how to fix this??? Do I have to reset my computer system??? Could it be a fuse for anything​ or any of it??? Would I have to completely replace the wires for it??? Or what do I have to do???
Any advice, help, ideas, or tips how to fix it would be greatly appreciated…
Thanks guys for the advice, help, ideas an tips on how to fix it…


Since I don’t know what year Your Grand Cherokee is, I have no idea how many modules are on this vehicle. Sounds like lightning struck it though would be my WAG. The BCM would be my first suspect, however since i have my own scan tool I would be looking for modules I couldn’t communicate with instead of throwing modules at it. Not a DIYers job, IMO.


Do you have the code (if needed) to restart the radio? If so, it couldn’t hurt to disconnect the battery’s negative cable for a few minutes, then reconnect. That power-off interval might reset some electronics that were affected by EMF from nearby lightning.


This is apparently the 1995 Jeep the OP has been posting about before. As hard it is to read the post I think it would be a waste of time to put one more dollar into this vehicle.


I’ll second that lightening strike opinion. If you want a “reset” remove a battery cable - the black one - for about 30 seconds and reconnect. It may work, it may not. Check it with a scan tool, as well. No amount of guessing will get to the bottom of this. You need data, you need trouble codes. Read 'em and post 'em here so we can try and help.

That said, if it HAS been struck by lightening, the truck is likely totaled as there will be damage in the strangest of places and you will spend countless hours and lots of money finding 80 percent of the problems. The remaining 20 percent may forever be hidden. Good Luck


Check the fuses, fuse #17 in the instrument panel fuse box is for the Automatic Temperature Control panel. Fuse #8 is for the ATC control, the message center and the EVIC (overhead display).


My Jeep is a 1995…
That’s what me an my gf we’re thinking that lightning struck it an screwed something up in the system…
An I don’t have a scan tool, O’Reilly Auto don’t have the rite scan tool to check to see what is up with it, they don’t have the L shaped scan plugin for my Jeep…


Alright thanks will take a look at them asap


I was thinking about doing that but wasn’t sure if it would do much for me but all I can do is try


Don’t have a scan tool, an none of the part stores around here have the L shaped plug in for the scanner


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Well this is my only vehicle an I have no other choice but to stick money into it


Idk I can’t find my other post that I apparently​ swore in


Lightning and fuses and computers are not good friends. Static can fry computers and blow fuses. In a lot of lightning storms I have to reset my GFI breakers. They don’t like the stray voltage.


May also want to watch that colorful language :smiley:


Yea I figured out that lightning fuzes an computers don’t make good friends at all…
An true that it can an if it popped a few fuzes I’m fine with that, those are replaceable, but if it fried my computer system then what I’d have to do if it did fry it???


Yea the Jeep is a 1995, an I myself don’t have one clue how many modules are in it either…
But I’m almost 100% positive lightning struck my Jeep :frowning: which sucks cause it’s my only vehicle but it still runs ATM…
An what does BCM stand for??? An right if I had my own scan tool I’d be doing that myself too lol, but apparently my Jeep has the L shaped scan plug in an the parts stores around me don’t have them anymore…I’m not just gonna start throwing modules in it an pray or hope to God it works, I want it done the rite way the first time so I ain’t throwing money out the window to fix it…


I agree with the language issue. This is a family program. We excuse all the spelling and grammatical errors, but the rest you need to clean up.

The good news is that homeowners insurance will likely cover it so contact your agent and get an estimate. No insurance? Gonna need a schematic and start looking at what devices are in the circuits that have problems. Again good luck because you can probably find a 95 in a you pull junk yard to get all the parts out of it.


I don’t have insurance on my vehicle yet sadly…
Yea I wish I could get a schematic an take a look but unfortunately I can’t…


I believe you homeowners or renters policy would cover lightening not your car insurance.