How to test for bad Intake Manifold Gasket?

How can I test my 98 chevy Lumina to see if I have a bad intake manifolf gasket?

Have the cooling system pressure tested.


What Tester told you is the best and pro shop method.

However there are other symptoms that are telltale.

Losing coolant steadily from the coolant reservoir,
Engine overheating,
Visible coolant leak from around the lower intake manifold (pay particular attention to the corner bolt areas)

  • Easy one: creamy light brown oil on the bottom of the oil filler cap and an oil scum in rad and in coolant reservoir.

Let me add a friendly word of advice: if you suspect a leaking intake manifold and have ANY of those symptoms, get a coolant pressure test done immediately as procrastinating will be very expensive.

GM had millions of engines built (and in service) between 1996 and 2003 with this fault. (NO recall) The average gasket job takes about 5-6 hours due to so many components in the way that the cost is around $500 to $700. (CDN$)