1998 Buick Custon Manifold Gasket

72,000 miles. Been told I need to replace the gasket for $800. Haven’t seen any problems yet - no coolant in the oil. I’ve just spent over $600 to replace the motors on the front windows. I’m afraid there’s a lot more coming. What happens if I don’t have the gasket replaced? I’mm 77 and hoped this would be my last car!

Do you have a reputable shop reasonably close by that gives a discount to seniors?

IF the intake manifold gasket DOES start to leak, it will either leak externally so it will be visible OR it will leak internally where the coolant gets into the engine oil.

Was a coolant pressure test done to verify the gasket leak, or are they guessing?

If THAT happens, the only cure is to replace the intake gasket.

If not replaced and the vehicle driven, you can expect a very high engine repair bill. (Plus you will be without your vehicle for at least 6-7 hours)

Are they seeing a leak?

This car IS one with the intake manifold problems. But if it’s NOT leaking then I don’t understand the need to replace it.

So if there are no problems, no leaks, and no coolant diluted oil then who told you to replace the gasket?