1998 llumina



I was driving my 1998 Llumina LTZ this morning and the low coolant light came on and the car started missing. Steam poured out the exhaust and there is an oily residue in the radiator


Sounds like a head gasket or intake gasket. You probably have coolant in the oil too. I had a 98 Lumina that started getting a milky deposit on the oil cap, lost a little coolant too. I caught it early enough and had the gaskets replaced, it lasted another 40,000 miles. This can be a $600+ repair bill. Do not drive the car until you get this fixed, the diluted oil is not good. If you do not want to put a lot of money into the car try some of the additives like Steel Seal, some folks say it works.


Yeah, sounds like the infamous Lower Intake Manifold gasket REALLY let go. It’s probably been leaking for years.

as was said, $500-$600 at most service centers. If you’re lucky, it hasn’t done too much damage to the bearings over time.


Gaskets were replaced 2 years ago, should they not last longer than that?


Gaskets were replaced 2 years ago should they not last longer than that? I dont think we would put 40,000 miles on the car in 2 years.


Gaskets were replaced 2 years ago should they not last longer than that?

Shops vary a lot in their competence. (What kind of shop was it?)

People in the shops vary the same.

The parts used vary in quality and suitability. (GM eventually put out an improved IM gasket).

GM 6cyl engines have chronic intake manifold gasket problems.

You may have had one set of gaskets done (e.g. intake), while now it is now another (e.g. head).

Should gaskets last more than 2 years? Yes. But that doesn’t mean they will. But you’re not even sure yet if this is the same problem that was fixed in the past.