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How to sell luxury cars in Singapore


It’s a great idea for crowded cities, like Singapore. IIRC, someone posted a similar story about Carvana in Texas. Caravan is mentioned at the end of the story. Can a buyer look at the cars closely anywhere but on the ground? I’m thinking about an elevator to ride up to look at the vehicles. If someone wants to look at several cars, it could take a while. I know the buyer can see them on line, but nothing beats an up-close look.

I hope one doesn’t have to.put money into this auto vending machine and then it dispenses a car or if it works this way, I hope it works better than the snack vending machines I have encountered. The vending machines on the campus where I worked were gambling devices. Sometimes the item would stick in the machine and I would get nothing. Other times it would give me two items. The coffee machine would sometimes​ fail to drop down a cup and the brew would go right down the drain. I guess with this auto vendor, if I put in the money for a Ferrari and it dispensed a second Ferrari for the price of one, I wouldn’t complain.

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@insightful The same thing has happened to me at vending machines. I’ve also been beaten out of the last donut in the faculty lounge by a colleague who would grab the last two. It seems to me the old completely mechanical vending machines of the 1950s were more reliable.

My BIL used to design vending machines in Minneapolis so take it easy. If people didn’t abuse them . . .

Not car related but heard on NPR yesterday there is a vending machine in japan you can buy likes, or followers or something similar. Give me back a phone that just makes calls! Not going to happen, required by work to have a smart phone, work pays for it

Does the vending machine take pennies? :upside_down:

The snack and soda vending machines where I used to work were well known to take your money. Fortunately, the machines were owned by the BX and you got a refund quickly. Still, it was frustrating when I was really thirsty a few times.

The vending machine at the dealership I used to work, was also known to take your money and not give you what you paid for

The rat cashier didn’t like it when people got visibly frustrated. I guess she never ran into that scenario herself . . .

One time, it happened to one of our service writers. He was a big guy, and he proceeded to shake the thing so violently, it nearly toppled over. It was a sight to behold . . . ! But he got his soda :thumbsup:

I gave him a high five . . . much to the rat cashier’s dismay :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s in Russia, sells ‘likes’ on social media, 100 for 40 rubles (about a dollar).