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What if you don't have the correct change?

Buying a car is getting simpler.

Did intelligent people actually invest in that scheme?


you have to have purchased it online previous to visiting this facility.

Then you drop in a coin (why?) and type in your name and the car is delivered to you.

So someone who know you had purchased a car can just drop in a coin and steal your brand new car !!

But the photo shows a large disk being inserted, not a coin. Which I guess had been mailed to the purchaser.

The mechanisms for moving the cars around must have cost a fortune, and are probably very subject to breakdowns. And I’d guess would have to be adjusted for every new model that comes out. And what do they save, on part time employee to start the car and drive it to the front of the building.

This would be great for me if used cars could be sold on consignment. I could consign my cars that aren’t worth a dime. A buyer could drop in a quarter and the vendor and I could share the profits.

It’s a gimmick. You pay them, they give you the token and push a button. The next thing you know, your car is delivered. It’s not for me. When I buy a car, I don’t pay for it until I test drive the exact car I want. If I still like it, I’ll buy it. The salesman can’t cheat me if I see the exact car I agreed to.

For me, a vending machine is a form of gambling. When I would use the vending machines at work for a candy bar, sometimes I wouldn’t get anything, but sometimes it would give me two candy bars. Getting nothing happened more often. With the car vending machine, I would probably lose my money because the previous customer got two cars for the price of one. (My luck was never any better with the coffee machine. It wouldn’t dispense a cup and my coffee would go right down the drain).


Can you take the car for a test drive?

Folks will do almost anything to avoid person to person interaction as part of a business transaction these days … lol …

What will they think of next? Lots of ways people think of to get other people’s money. Don’t open the door too fast though to let the fizz out.

I dunno though my first encounter with one of those Coke machines that take cards was at the airport in Israel. I just got there and wanted a Coke and didn’t have any local money. No matter what I tried the dang thing would not take anything I had, debit, credit, US cash. I don’t trust those machines. It drops a blue one and I want a red one and it just rolls around a while?

Real estate would have to be really expensive to make storing vehicles in a mechanized tower economical. If people need to be entertained with the vending machine operation they could keep the keys in a machine and the cars in a parking lot like any dealer or rental car agency.

Furthermore, the cost passed along to consumers is just five percent of what a dealership costs. Meaning, if a dealership passes along a $1,000 cost to the consumer to purchase a vehicle, Carvana is passing along just $50 for the same vehicle and a better experience. With us, customers are winning.

The cost to the customer is just five percent of what a dealership costs? If for a $20,000 used car you allow $1000 for reconditioning, $200 for detailing, $250 for advertising etc, how do you cut this cost to just 5%? Nobody is going to invest millions in vehicle inventory to make just $50 per transaction.

That must be it, I guess?

No haggling, but probably not the best price, either

I just saw a tv ad for this company a few days ago. It was clearly aimed at young people who think they’re very tech-savvy and are following the latest trend(s)