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How to save a dying 94 Vista

How does one learn whether it is possible to have a loved vehicle kept on life support by artificial means such as a transplanted engine - hopefully a conversion to electric or biodiesel - solar?? whatever!

This body is good but the car probably needs a lot of rebuilding. Is it worth it? How to find someone who can do it?

You are apparently very attached to this car. Sorry to hear it is dying.

I’m not a mechanic. There will be some very knowledgeable mechanics checking in I’m sure. From what I’ve read. Conversions to electric are very expensive. Most of them in the $10,000 range. Although I recently read about a high school kid who did a conversion for about $5,000 I think. But it’s range was only about 7 to 10 miles.

Bio-diesel. Would require a diesel engine. Pretty sure that would take a lot of knowledge and parts if possible. Seeing how you depend on a mechanic to do it. It would be way over blue book value.

You can go to Kelley Blue Book site and you will see a reference for determining value of used cars. Select it and then fill in the questions. It will give you some idea of the financial value of your car.