How to remove the rear spark plugs from a 1990+- gm 3.1l or 3.4l v6 (chevy, olds, pontiac)?


How DOES one get to those INACCESSABLE rear spark plugs on GM’s V6’s? I found that on the cars, that removing the serpentine belt, tensioner, and the alternator and its bracket, provided good access to the rear spark plugs. On the Chevy Venture, the front engine mounts have to be disconnected, and the engine rolled forward about three inches, to enable removal of the alternator. +++++ The SPARK PLUG BOOTS may be very difficult to pull off. Save yourself hours of struggle by using a 45 degree bent bar, and a hammer, to BREAK the spark plug porcelain. The spark plugs (they’re metal) can, then, be easily removed and replaced. The front spark plugs may need the same GENTLE persausian. Use SILICONE GREASE on the inside of the spark plug boots to prevent the bonding (for NEXT time).


Thank you me_art12. I had to remove the spark plugs on a 2001 CHEVY VENTURE V6. The boots would NOT come off. I, also, removed the AIR pipe, which runs along the spark plugs, to get adequate access to break the spark plugs. If I hadn’t, I’d STILL be there! Thanks again, for the ideas of removing the alternator and bracket and breaking the spark plug porcelains.


I hab a 6-cyl Corsica. The two left-most rear plugs wre easily accessed with a universal joint on my ratchet wrench. While I could get to the rear right-most plug, it was very difficult to move. I eventually got a 4-foot pipe, stood on the engine, and persuaded it for about 45-minutes. It finally came loose. I wish I had a video camera - sound off, of course!


Just make sure that none of the broken plug falls into the engine when the plug is removed.


Some people swear by PB Blaster penetrant to help loosen difficult bolts, nuts, AND spark plugs.


On all GM FWD cars with the high up front motor monts the procedure is the same. Unbolt the mounts, and rotate the motor. I use a rachet strap, which works very nicely… I can do the rear pulgs in my Impala in under 20 min useing this procedure.


Now if you can tell us an easy way to change the #3 spark plug on a 4.3 in a S-10 Blazer or Pick-up.


I have found it fairly easy to remove the rear plugs on V6 a-bodies (Celbrity, etc.), and a cinch on V6 L-bodies (Corsica, etc.). Also the rear plugs on a 3.1 U-van (Lumina APV, etc.) were easy, I just had to go by feel. None of the vehicles I had to roll the engine forward. I have not worked on a W-body (Grand Prix, etc.) and have read that those needed the engine rolled forward. I do have thin arms which probably helps.