04 Impala 3.4

How do you remove spark pludges in the back

Grasp the plug wires between your thumb and forefinger and twist it on the plug until the boot loosens its grip on the plug. Then grab it tightly and pull up with a quick jerking motion until the wire comes off.

You can rotate the engine forward to get better access. Disconnect the engine mounts on top of the to radiator bracket. Attach a ratcheting strap to the hook at the back of the engine, wrap the strap around the outside over the bumper. and connect the other end to the bottom radiator bracket. Now ratchet the engine forward. The picture shows the radiator mounts on either side of the oil dip stick. I can’t see the lift mount at the back of the engine, but it’s there somewhere.

If you have large arms and hands like me, you may find it necessary to remove the alternator to have enough room to work. The alternator is not difficult to remove (four bolts, I think) and having it out of the way makes removing the back plugs a cakewalk. Try rotating the engine forward first, but if you still can’t get to them, remove the alternator to gain access.