How to remove an oil pan from 1983 Fiat Spyder?

Best way to get the oil pan off a 1983 Fiat Piniafarina Spider 2000

Check out this link, I am not familiar with the Spyder, but google is your friend

Not familiar with “Spyder”. Is this the “124”? If so, my 1983 Chiltons Import car book says:

Drain the engine oil (well, duh!). Raise car in the air and support it (jack stands- good ones). The engine will have to be raised six inches in order for pan to be removed. Remove oil pan. Sounds simple. They mention nothing about motor mount bolts, curiously.

Last year, I asked here about replacing the pan gasket in my 1979 Celica. Mustangman suggested using a 4 x 4 across the fender (underneath where the hood lies, of course), and using an eye bolt through the timber, over the hook on my engine. Worked perfectly. Hey Mustangman, I owe you.!!!

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Thanks for the shout out! Glad it worked for you.

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