How to make my 2005 Toyota Camry last

I have a 2005 Toyota Camry with 173000 miles. Runs great. Burns a little oil? Probably 1/2 quart per 1000 miles. Had been run low on oil once within the last year. Use full synthetic oil. Normal? If not then recommendation. Want car to last!

Just keep checling your oil, don’t let it get low and change it on time.

Possibly adding Marvel Mystery Oil to the gasoline will free up stuck rings and reduce oil consumption. But oldtimer_11’s advice is just fine if you want to keep it simple.

Change trans fluid, timing belt if present, maybe brake fluid… keep it clean, oil all the hinges, etc., etc.

It sounds like you’re not checking the oil level very often because and engine should never be allowed to run low on oil. Ever.

Change the oil and filter often and in the event of an overheating episode pull over immediately and shut the engine off. Many an engine has been fried because of a failed 10 dollar thermostat or failed water pump belt, etc, etc.

I’d use regular dinosaur oil if that’s one of the types recommended in the owner’s manual. And just keep on top of checking the dipstick once a week or so, every fill-up, etc. Don’t switch to synthetic unless you’ve already been using it. One quart oil usage in 2000 miles is within normal usage range for a lot of engine designs these days.

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What everyone else said is true. In addition, try to keep the car pretty clean, rinse off winter dirt accumulation, and don’t let junk pile up inside and in the trunk. If you let the car look like a dumpsite sooner or later you’ll start ignoring maintenance, and then it’s Good-bye car.