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2007 Toyota Camry consumes a lot of oil

Toyota camry 4cyliner is uses a lot of oil between oil changes .about 4 Qt. what is the solution. I also have 2000 and 2016 Toyota camry no problem.

Sometimes a clogged PCV valve can cause high oil consuption. Try that first. Next up, sometimes valve seals. Worse case, a new or rebuilt engine is the needed fix. Have a both a dry and wet compression test done on the car. If the dry compression is OK, and a wet test doesn’t improve the compression, leaky valve seals may well be the problem.

The warranty for oil consumption/piston replacement was extended to 10 years/150,000 miles, that warranty seems to have expired for your vehicle.

Some auto manufacturers consider 1 qt/1000 miles as acceptable consumption.

This is done because out of all the millions of engines they build, some are going to use oil. So they cover their asses so they don’t have to rebuild/replace the engines.

Since they’re the ones who manufacture the engines, they write the rules. Like it or not!

If your engine is consuming 4 Qts between oil changes, and the oil is changed every 5000-7000 miles, that would be considered as acceptable oil consumption by some manufacturers.


If it isn’t leaking out of the engine and leaving oil drips on the ground where you park, the oil must be burned in the engine and leaves the premises out the exhaust pipe. So you’re looking at either valve seals or piston, piston ring, and/or cylinder problem; i.e. the engine innards. There’s a warranty extension for excessive oil usage on this car, so first thing you should do is check at a dealership to see if it still applies on your car. There’s two phases, so perhaps the first has expired, but there’s still life remaining in the second phase. You won’t know until you ask. Refer to bulletin CSP-ZE7. Did you receive a letter from Toyota about this a few years ago? You or the prior owner (if applicable) should have.

Check everything everyone has suggested. But if you got the 4 Cylinder version, it has a known issue with burning oil. It is the same engine that in the previous generation had headbolt issues. They fixed that but messed up the oil burning part!

bottom end . . . rings and pistons

As mentioned earlier, the warranty extension for this problem has already expired for your particular vehicle

The only viable option . . . short of getting another vehicle . . . is checking and correctly the engine oil level frequently, perhaps every week or two

If you do that, the engine will live a long and healthy life

If you don’t do that . . .

If it makes you feel any better my 02 Camry with 189,000 miles uses 1 qt. every 500 miles.

If the warranty has expired, one option if you don’t just want to live w/it is to have the piston/ring work done on your own dime. Since the 10 year warranty extension may have only expired recently, a dealership might be willing to offer a discount. No harm asking. If you choose this route, don’t go in demanding anything. That won’t get you much. Instead go in like you are looking to buy a car. Then suggest that you’d really like to continue to be a Toyota customer, you have two other Camrys, but you have this oil problem with your 07 Camry and the warranty extension just recently expired … well, you get the idea. Get them on your side, wanting to keep you as a customer, in other words.

A twelve year-old vehicle with probably over 100,000 miles?

Common George. Get REAL!


OP, how many miles on your '07 Camry?

When I bought used cars in my price range, I didn’t ask the question “Does this car use oil?” but “How much oil does this car use?”.
I remember reading Consumer Reports back in the 1950s and 1960s and CR reported how many miles the test cars would go after the break-in period before a quart of oil had added. As I remember, one Chrysler product with the slant 6 engine consumed a quart of oil every 450 miles. My brother bought a used 1977 Cadillac Coupe DeVille in 1982. He put 120,000 miles on top of what was already on the car. He had to add a quart of oil every 900 miles. He didn’t think that was any big deal. I was delighted when new valve stem seals reduced the oil consumption on my 1971 Ford Maverick from a quart every 300 miles to a quart every 1250 miles
My suggestion is to check for leaks, check to see if the pvc is working and if these things check out–drive on. I know it’s nice not to have to add oil between changes, but there are worse problems, in my opinion, than having to add a quart of oil every 1000 miles. A 2007 Camry is almost 12 years old. I think a bigger concern would be undercarriage rust or transmission trouble than having to add oil.

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What difference does that make?

If the engine has 50,000 miles, or 150,000 miles, it still consumes 4 qts of oil between oil changes.

So your question is moot.


If my car went missing one quart of oil every appx 1,000 miles @Tester, I’d agree with you, not something to overly worry about. But the OP seems concerned, and if they could get it fixed for a reasonable price I bet they would want to consider that option.