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Switch to full synthetic motor oil

I own a I own a new 2010 Camry with 2.5 l 4 banger. It now has 3200 miles on it (~4 months). I am planning on changing the oil soon and am considering switching to a full synthetic. Do I already have too many miles on this engine to make the switch worthwhile?? What are the guidelines for switching to full synthetic or synthetic blends??

The short answer: first read your manual to see what oil is recommended. You can switch back and forth as many times as you would like without problems. many have posted that why spend the extra money unless required to.

Synthetic and blends will meet all requirements as does regular oil for your car.

There is nothing magical about the more expensive oils. Switch when and what feels best to you. A Camry engine could care less.

If your Camry does not require synthetic then it’s a waste of money. Use the oil recommended in your owners manual and follow the oil change schedule. There is nothing magical about synthetic oil other than their marketing plan.

Why are you thinking about switching? If you make the switch, you will still need to change your oil as often as Toyota recommends, so the only people who will benefit will be the people selling the synthetic oil.

Just use regular oil. We have 4 Toyotas in our family. one with 270,000 miles, another with 230,000 miles, another with 225,000 miles, and the last one just tipping the 100,000 mile mark. All of them have only ever been driven using the cheapest discount oil and filters. The only thing is that we just change the oil every 3,000 miles. That’s it. No problems so far.