¿How to know what clutch I have?

I have a big problem on my hands: My father died and he had an automotive parts store. After some months, I’m trying to put everything in order and to carry on with his beloved bussines. The thing is… He had a lot of old parts stored and i’m trying to categorize them, everything was okay until I found a lot of old clutches in a very good state.

These aren’t marked, I have no reference number or anything like that… The only I have is their brand, because it’s written on them ¿How can I know what clutches are these ones? I don’t know if I can measure diameter, counting teeths or something like that and looking for this data in some database.

I really don’t know what to do, and I don’t want to throw them away because they are almost news… ¿Can you help me with this problem, guys?

If there are no identification marks/numbers on the parts, there’s no way to cross-reference them to their applications.

So basically, you possess scrap.


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Post some pics. And try to gather clues how he stored things. Try and figure out what years they may have been from, and what make they are. At worse post it as a lot on ebay!

If you are going to re-open the parts business, I say good for you! Suggest to not try to do this entirely by yourself. Instead hire an assistant who has auto-parts store experience. With their experience, they’ll probably be able to help sort out the inventory. Note; You may have to sell the older stuff by advertising online (Ebay etc) , rather than waiting for someone to come in and ask for it.

You will eventually have some free time. Segregate the clutches into groups of identical items. Go to the clutch vendor website and see if you can get positive ID for them. This seems to be what you suggest in your post.

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I think that even if they do identify the clutches if they sell them unboxed the selling price will have to low. If they fail or don’t work as expected then they have to refund to an unhappy customer . Just scrap them and move on.

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Mechanics might be willing to buy the clutches if they are familiar with the specific ones for sale. I think the OP should offer the unboxed units at a discount.

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With no model numbers it’s going to have to be a BIG discount.

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