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How do I identify what car a water pump fits?

Hello - I am helping someone sell off their stockpile of vehicle water pumps. I am trying to do my research so that I can price them right. He pointed out a few numbers I could use to identify what make and models they will fit, but I am not having any luck. Anyone out there who can lend some help and insight? Here is a picture of one pump:

There are some other numbers on the body. 1186.
By the fan 10 89.
On the fan blade H135.
What am I looking at here? Thanks for any help!

I hope you are not try to sell all used water pumps. That one looks like it was removed from an engine and it may not even be good.

If you are well know by the local parts store they may make a little time to research this for you.

But unless this store sells that brand of waterpump, they may not have anything to cross reference the numbers with.

If they can, you may be able to get them to look these up, but if it’s a large number of parts you may have to offer to pay the place for their time.


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Someone has a stock pile of water pumps and does not know what they fit ? The market for these is probably so small it sounds like a waste of time. Metal scrape yard is in order here.


Even if the casting numbers were identified the proper application wouldn’t be known. The fan mount can be pressed on to suit a specific year and option package to the exclusion of all others. If a core buyer can be found they would possibly pay more than scrap price. Unless this project has become a personal challenge it is likely a waste of time.

I can think of a number of reasons why this may be a colossal waste of time. I’m in full agreement with Rod Knox about the various applications.

As a potential pump buyer I would hesitate shelling out money on a rusted up pump considering the price of a new or reman one is fairly low.

I would also wonder how long those aged seals would hold up before they started leaking.

That would be a concern of mine also.

Can’t speak to the business-sense of this idea, but what I’d do if I had that problem was google the various numbers, see if that brings anything up. Nothing? Then take it to the local auto parts store, see if the staff there recognizes which make it fits. National chains probably will just turn you away, but if you have a good local inde parts store, they’d likely be willing to help if you asked nicely and arrived at a time when they weren’t busy.

Another idea is to take it to an auto parts recycler and ask them if they know. They might be willing to buy it from you, so two birds w/one stone.