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How to keep a ford explorer running smoothoy 2002

I have a ford explorer 2002 118k miles. Its in good condition. Hardly driven. What are things i can do to keep my suv running smoothly? These can be simple im not a car guy. I almost payed it off and i want it to last a long time.

Things wrong with it now:

1. 4 wheel drive doesnt work. It did before but i let the suv sit for a bout a year and boom dont work anymore.I wanna get it working again.

2. wheel barring replaces,leaf springs replaced.

3. I believe i need to get my alternator checked. I went to start my car and nothing ( check engine light came on) I bought a slow charger and charged it to full and bam. It starts!!!.

ty for your time

No idea on the 4WD thing. If it was working fine before and suddenly does not now then I’d suspect an electrical glitch. It should not be major.

Wheel bearing replacement could be needed but I assume there’s a reason for it. (growling, rumbling, etc.) Spring replacement because of rust?

If the battery is aged (4 or 5 years old) combined with allowing it to sit for a year then the battery is probably dead meat. Late model Fords have a somewhat sizeable current draw when they’re not being used regularly and even with a good battery it’s quite possible for one to go down in mere weeks.

Other than that, I would suggest new spark plugs (and pray they’re not frozen in the heads if they’re originals), new air filter, new fuel filter, and a transmission fluid/filter change.

battery - the slow charger charged it and its starting. THink batteryis bad?
SPark plugs . prob orginals lol.
ty for tips keep them coming ppl

I suggest you start by getting all the recommended maintenance up to date. Reference your owner’s manual for a list of those maintenance items. If you don’t know if they were done or when, then do them now. Remember maintenance items usually have both a time and miles recommendation. Do which ever comes first.