SUV dead battery

I have a 2002 Ford Explorer XLS 4WD and I’m trying figure out why my battery keeps dying so easily. Always having replace every 2 weeks to a month. Are there any other possible issues that could be causing my battery to die?

check to make sure no lights are staying on. like glove box or under hood light. you should also check your brake lights are not sticking on when you leave the truck. you can have a sticking brake light switch. this can happen intermittently. also, you can check for a parasitic draw.

The BEST Way TO Perform a Parasitic Draw Test - YouTube

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There aren’t any lights on. So I guess I will try and check for parasitic draw.

Ford Explorer Battery Draining Diagnosis | Drivetrain Resource (

Might be a good idea to get the alternator tested.


Will do that before the test.

Why are you replacing it instead of recharging it? Were you having the battery checked for damage or inability to hold a charge before you replaced it?

Because it’s a lot easier then properly diagnosing the problem.


Why did you not have a shop look at this problem after the second battery ? You have probably spent more money on batteries than a proper repair would have cost.


Get a $10 battery disconnect.