How to get the jack out of CRV?

Got a flat tire. Tried to change the tire myself but I could not get the jack out.

Had to call Road Side Assistance. Even the guy could not get the thing out.

Any tips?

Read the owners’ manual?

It just says take the jack out of the trunk…

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Is it a screw-type jack, with bottom and top jamming it in place?

The tire shop you take the tire to for repair can probably solve this .

If you can post a photo of exactly what you’re dealing with perhaps we could offer some suggestions to prevent a recurrence of the problem.

How old is the car? Ever had the jack out? It might be RIP (rusted in place).

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I think this is the new vehicle that Blue Skies purchased Nov. 2015 so it is still under warranty , if the tire shop can’t solve this the dealer should.

On page 62 of the Owners Guide (comes with car and also you can download it from this link
it shows step by step instructions. It’s critical that you look at the drawing showing that you must turn the piece at the end of the long screw that runs the length of the jack counter clock wise to loosen the jack. This is very common in many, many cars.

My Corolla’s jack is held in place in a similar way. When the manufacturer puts the jack there in the first place they must turn the jack screw to put a little tension on the jack so it won’t rattle. If the jack has been there a long time and never removed its conceivable it might have freezed up and be difficult to turn that screw by hand. Pliers or a wrench might be needed to get it to start turning.

Thank you all. Twisting the end to cllapse the width further was the way to go. It was just stuck so I could not turn it at first.


Thanks for telling us you got it out. I was losing sleep, worrying.

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