How to find a headlight assembly for a Delta 88 (year '88)

We were left this vehicle 2 1/2 years ago when some friends left the country and couldn’t sell it. It sat in the front yard (yes, we’re THOSE neighbors) last winter buried for most of the winter in a snowbank. When the snow finally melted this spring we found that someone had used our driveway to turn around and backed into the “snowbank” greatly damaging the headlight assembly (front right). My husband looked this up here, but said that what is in the picture looks nothing like what is on the car. Where to turn? Thanks for any leads. The car runs, and seems to be otherwise healthy. We’d like to put it on the road ASAP.

Is this more like it?

Hubs says “great! Good job! I’ll keep you for another year.” So thanks for saving our marriage. :slight_smile: So yes, that looks like it - or what would be close enough. Thank you so much!!

Often the pictures of items are just generic and not the actual item. French Lake Auto Parts (FLAP) north of Minneapolis specializes in used parts for older cars. Please get the car out of the front yard though.

Yeah, but are you going to keep him? BTW, do you live up on Cripple Creek? (Just kidding)

Thanks Bing - appreciate the tip. Car moves out of the front yard as soon as the snow is melted off and into the garage. But we’re adding it to the ins. today and putting it on the road with the 17 y.o. son at the wheel as soon as a replacement light can be installed.

jts - we’re in Los Anchorage. And he’s a keeper :slight_smile: