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08 Toyota Solara Headlight Help

Looking for some help…

Trying to repair some damages to an 08 Toyota Solara SLE. I clipped a deer and took out the drivers side headlight and dented same the fender. Have been searching for replacement parts and trying to save as much money as possible. Finding the light hasn’t been a problem but they are all sort of pricey… around $225 for the single drivers side assembly or $400 for a set. (I planned to replace both as the passenger side is very foggy) however I was able to find a set of halogen assemblies for an 04-06 solara for only $250.

In doing my research the second generation body type, the type my 08 solara has, was the same body type used from 04-08 with only minor changes coming to other areas of the solara in the 07 and 08 models. The part numbers for the headlights are different from 04-06 and 07-08. However if if the body type remained unchanged and then wouldnt I still be able to use the older assemblies in the newer 08 model and simply use whatever bulbs are then compatible with that assembly?