How to find a discontinued part

I hope somebody can help me. I have a Pontiac G6 convertible, 2007. Which I love. The hardtop convertible has stopped working. It goes down, but not up. It needs a motor for the convertible top. The part # is 15815547. Of course, GM in its infinite wisdom has DISCONTINUED the part. My dealer “can’t” find one. How can I find an aftermarket part? Thank you.

If the problem is limited to just the electric motor–and not to the mechanical linkage or solenoids, or other hardware–it should be possible get things working again by having that electric motor rebuilt. Even if your mechanic is unaware of it, there are shops that do nothing but the rebuilding/repair of electric motors.

I would suggest perusing the yellow pages or an online search engine in order to locate an electrical shop in your area that rebuilds motors. Here is an example of the type of business to which I am referring:

Try a boneyard (used parts place, junkyard). Many today are hooked up to an internet wide used parts inventory and may be able to find one for you.

Here you go. $157.00

Just make sure it wasn’t a problem with the top mechanism that burned out the motor in the first place, or you’ll be buying another one shortly.