How to do I get my shop listed?

I’m wondering how do I get my shop in the find mechanic section.

our website is

@cdaquila This thread is your territory. I suspect spam because the mechanics section is aimed at satisfied customers, not businesses.

I agree…If the place is recommended by someone on this site…then fine…otherwise…it’s SPAM.

Usually they just act like a happy customer and recommend themselves.

@hughesmotors, you might ask satisfied customers if they would recommend you in the Mechanics Files. You can show them how to do it.

@hughesmotors, go here: when you’re logged in. It’s not my usual territory over there, but I believe that’s how you can list your shop. I’m going to edit out the identifying info on your shop from your post because our discussion guidelines ask that people not promote their products or businesses here, but it’s fair if you want to learn how to list yourself in the more appropriate section of the site.

Thank you @cdaquila