How to diagnose why electric window passenger side not working

suddenly the front passenger window opened has stopped working. I cannot open the window from my side or the passenger side. Is this something which is diagnosed by placing on a diagnostic machine at the dealers? Or is it diagnosed in another way – like by looking at all of the electical connections.

Would the Honda Dealer be better prepared to repair or could any good garage easily diagnose this

Would help to now year and model of car. Most testing I would do on it would be with a VOA meter (Volt Ohm Amp Meter). Any indepedent mechanic shop should be able to help you if they know how to check electrical components.

A common problem with them is a broken wire in the door jamb due to the stress on it over time. Any good shop can find the trouble and just using a voltmeter is needed to help find the trouble.

The Honda dealer could do it, but any shop can do it. This is usually a straight forward thing that is the same in all cars. I’d bet it will cost you considerable more at the dealer, unless it is under warranty, in which case do bring it to the dealer. Usually this does not happen during warranty.

as someone mentioned: the dealer will likely cost you double (or so) this can be done by any good mechanic.

just curious: when you push the buttons does the pass window/motor make ANY noise at all (in a QUIET area)? any movement at all (even a wiggle?) one of the things which needs to be determined is whether it is the electrical connection to the switch, the window regulator motor gone bad, or is it the complete window regulator having failed. usually i replace the whole thing when this happens. BUT the passenger side failing first is unusual. (typically the drivers side is the one which gets beat up the most.)

there was a good ‘car talk puzzler’ not too long ago concerning this. as a suggestion from that puzzler; when dark out, in the car, with the lights on, press the window up or down switch if the lights dim, (even a little) it is likely the window regulator motor being bad. (but this takes two people, one inside, one outside to look) as an alternative, you could turn on the inside dome light too. if the lights DONT dim it is likely an electrical wiring issue.

Maybe you have a friend with a voltmeter. Pry the switch our of the arm rest on the passenger side and push the electrodes into the connector on the back side. One electrode per wire. And you want to make sure you have both ends of the circuit. Wires of the same color typically mean that they are the same polarity. Pick the different colored wires if there are only 2 colors. If you get any voltage, it is probably the motor or regulator.

thanks to everyone for all of your replies, it has been a great help. ritamd