How to Deactivate Car Alarm

Isuzu Rodeo 2001. Car alarm makes no noise but flashers activate and hear steady clicking noise inside vehicle when started. Will also continue a minute or two after turning vehicle off.

When this problem first occurred, I could hit the panic button on the key chain and it would stop. This no longer works. I then tried to deactivate the alarm fuse and found that no fuse exists for a car alarm.

Any suggestions? Could this be a panic rather than an alarm? Help!

Do you have the owner’s manual? It should be spelled out there. On many imports, you may have to lock and unlock the driver’s side and passenger side doors with the key to reset the factory alarm.

The owner’s manual was no help at all, but fortunately your advice was! I simply unlocked, locked, and unlocked again on the drivers side (from the outside with the key) and the problem vanished. Who knew it would be that simple? Thanks!