How to choose an auto detail shop

We have a Lexus 400H ad want to have it detailed before winter. Is there someone in the Dayton area (Ohio) that your readers would reccommend?

Find a few near you and ask them for references from happy customers.

Anyone you know that can give you a recommendation? See any super-clean cars? Ask the owner how they keep it that way.

Sometimes the used car manager at a dealership may know of a good detail shop. Franchised dealers have at least 4 department: 1) new car sales; 2) used car sales; 3) service; and 4) parts. If the dealer has a body shop, then there is a fifth department. Each manager is expected to make his department profitable. The used car managers often have an independent detail shop where they send the used cars they intend to sell, and do not use the personnel or equipment in the dealership. Often the used car manager will give out this information–heck, they might think you are preparing the car to trade to them and you are sparing them the detail expense.