How to check starter

montecarloss 2002 when i try starting it takes a second or two to wants to is trying to turn over and does all the time.but their is a 2 second hestiation.sometimes.had the battery and alternator checked.the mechanic told me it sounds like a fuel isssue.can it be the starter?and how can i check this.and the throttlebody?what should i do next i put in a fuel cleaner i thought it was working and it started up again.i really donk no what it is or how to figure out what it could be.any help would be great thanks rob

If I am interpreting your description correctly, it sounds more like a fuel system problem. I would have the fuel pump checked for pressure and for any leaks in the fuel line. Also try turning on the ignition but not turning the key to the start position for like 50-10 seconds before turning it to start.

okay i

the mechanic told me the same thing.he told me to put a fuel cleaner in.and if that does not work change the fuel i put the fuel injector in.and seemed to be started to happen again.i"ii try what you suggested.this happend before under warranty he put in a new fuel regulator.