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Pontic Sunfire 2002 Won't start after unused for one month

the car was runing fine, until I parked the car for one month, and now it won’t start, this is what I have done:

1) Battery is good, also recharged

2) Removed fuel line before gas filter, started car but no fuel coming out of fuel line

3) I hear the a humming sound from the tank, appears fuel pump works when I turn car key to start.

4) I used car starter, engine works fine, but not fuel flowing through fuel line.

Any suggestions on how to fix the problem. Is it the gas pump?

Hit the tank with a rubber mallet or something to vibrate the pump then try priming the pump again. Sometimes this works.

I hit it like you indicated, fuel is now flowing through the gas filter, but still the car won’t start. I used starting fuel, and the engine started, but stopped. i tryed many times, and car won’t start. only starts when i used starting fluid. is there somethig else. The fuel pump now works.

Alright, if the fuel is pumping and passes through the fuel filter with minimal restriction then next in line is the fuel pressure regulator

UNLESS there is air entering the fuel line somewhere due to an abrasion (pinhole) there shouldn’t be any interruption of fuel flow.

You should have (or do it yourself if you have the equipment and knowledge) a fuel pressure test performed.
This involves attaching a pressure gauge (c/w hose attachment) to the Schreder valve (it is exactly like a tire air valve) on the fuel rail, priming the fuel system and see what the pressure does.

A way to check if the fuel is reaching the rail and injectors is to hold a rag over the valve when depressing the needle (to avoid getting gas all over yourself).
Have a helper turn the key to the ON position to prime the fuel system.

If it doesn’t climb to spec or does but bleeds off, then you may have a bad fuel pressure regulator. Many regulators leak when bad and therefore will not hold the pressure.

If the regulator is good then you MAY have bad injectors. Maybe plugged or perhaps an electrical fault here.

Personally, I don’t think the injectors are the problem as the engine would start but run very rough and you did say the engine fires up with the use of starting fluid.

Unless you have a possible ignition system fault somewhere or perhaps have a security system not letting you start the engine, it should run.

Check the fuel pressure at the injector rail. Sometimes this can be done with a standard tire gauge. You should see at least 20 psi.

I have seen these in-tank pumps split their connecting hose (inside the tank) and leak badly, reducing pressure to almost nothing. The pressure regulator is another suspect.