Legitimately don't know where to add oil in '74 F-100

I know this sounds horrible, but I have no clue where to add oil in my 1974 F100. I do know where the dipstick is and have been keeping on eye on that since it has begun leaking a little bit of oil. Hope you will take pity on me and point me in the direction of there to add the additional oil thats needed! Thanks.

Remove the cap on the left valve cover with the convaluted (wobbly) edge and the bent tube sticking out the center. Pour the oil in there.
The oil will run past the valvetrain and down the return paths into the crankcase.

hey mountain bike, how the heck did you manage to reply to this post? I tried to use the “post your reply” button, but the web page told me my reply could not be posted attached to the photos. So I put up a seperate post, and reply (same as yours more or less). I am curious about this.

Remove the cap with the hose attached on the valve cover. That’s where oil is added.



Guessing this is the place, huh. Thanks for the quick reply.

you got it, now dont go all hog wild and put in too much oil, he he.

I have no idea. I pushed the “submit” button and there it was. This web stuff is way too technical for my feeble mind to understand.

I’ll try not to! :slight_smile: Just trying to get enough in it to some how get this thing to the mechanic without causing any more damage. Been a pain in my side since the day I bought it. While I love it, not too sure how the diagnoses will fair, but I thought I’d at least try to give it the TLC it deserves until I know more.

I notice there are 2 dipsticks in the photos: One on the side where the oil fill is, and one on the other side on front of the engine.

Is it possible the one near the oil fill is the tranny?

Oh, man!!! You young-uns’ know so little!!!

The dipstick for the engine oil is behind the alternator. That little one on the side with the oil cap is for the power steering fluid.
The dipstick for the transmission on Ford’s is always on the passenger side in the back near the firewall. You cannot see it in these
photos because it is blocked by the air snorkle in the first photo and the red heater hoses in the second photo.

Also, for the OP, I noticed some vacuum lines missing. Considering the age, I’d probably replace the few this engine has,
and cap anything that is not being used or not necessary. Vacuum leaks can cause all kinds of headaches, even with these older models.