How to change out a blower motor

Anyone know how to replace a blower motor in a 1990 Audi 80 Quattro? I looked for a Chilton and I looked online but couldn’t get any info. Actually they don’t make a Chilton for Audi during this year. And I couldn’t locate any Haynes manuals either.

Haynes owns Chilton now so they’re the same company. And their manuals leave a lot to be desired. I’ve recently sworn them off as possibly doing more harm than good.

Did you stumble across this:

You might be able to purchase an Alldata subscription for your vehicle for $30. I think Autozone sells them… gives you access for your vehicle for 6 months or a year, something like that.

Ask the counter guy at the Audi dealer if he can print an “exploded view” drawing of the installation for you. I’ve never had one less than happy to do so if asked nicely.

On all models disconnect battery ground cable.
Remove cover under glove compartment.
Remove glove compartment.
Remove 6 bolts A.
Remove fresh air blower with anchor plate from heater housing.
Separate fresh air fan and anchor plate.
Remove motor.
Install in reverse order of removal.
NOTE: Coat fitting surfaces of fresh air blower and anchor plate with silicone gasket sealer before assembling.

You sure the blower motor needs replacing and it’s not a blower motor resistor or something else?

If you are looking for instructions simply log on to and look in their repair info pages. They have an extensive library of repair manuals ONLINE AND FOR FREE…just sign register for free and look up what you need to know. Its invaluable for procedures and torque specs. All this for free and no need to have a huge pile of expensive, vehicle specific, repair manuals hanging around your home…like I do. Its great.

Without looking it up I would guess that you will either need to remove your glove box and access the blower motor from there…OR sometimes you can actually do it from under the hood of the car…near the firewall obviously. LOG ON AND LOOK UP.

Goldwing thanks I will try that. Also it only blows on high except when it gets turned on their is a loud grinding noise. I assume its both the motor and resistor. I have ordered the parts it should be here next week. Also I have tried auto zone and books 4 cars and auto zone does not have anything and books4cars actually will give me a factory repair manual for $235.00.